European Hake in green sauce 138gr
Artesanos Alalunga

European Hake in green sauce 138gr

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European Hake or Hake from the Bay of Biscay ( Merluccius merluccius ) was called always just Hake. Now nevertheless, it has to use its last name. This is caused by the appearance, a few years ago, of different kinds of hake from other parts of the world. Although being quality fish they have nothing to do with our Hake. That is why from Alalunga they wish to highlight the "Queen of the Sea".

Hakes are captured using a hook by the fishermen in the Cantabrian Sea. Local fish markets of Santander in Cantabria, Celeiro in Lugo and Pasajes in Guipúzcoa are the best places where you can find the best of the best pieces on these days.

European Hake tails cooked in traditional Green Sauce. Hake purchased directly from local fish markets. In Artesanos Alalunga they make their gourmet tins from the best fresh fish.