Barbadillo - Pedro Ximenez vinegar 250 ml
Conservas Gourmet canned seafood
Conservas Angelachu - Cantabrian gourmet anchovies 115gr/50gr
Smoked Mushroom Garum 250ml (Noma restaurant)
Month Sales
Barbadillo - Pedro Ximenez vinegar 250 ml
Olive Oil
Las Hermanas - Smoked sweet paprika 70gr
Paella package
Perello olives, pickles and tapanade
Tartana Bomba rice 1kg
Seafood package
Smallgoods (Smalltidos) and Cheeses
Sosa Products
Spanish Chorizo and Meats from Spain available for delivery in Sydney
Perello - Gordal Reina Spicy (picante) 150gr
Conservas Gueyu Mar (150g) Grilled Sardine Tails in Escabeche (Spicy)
Spanish Spices
Plancton Marino - Plankton 10gr
Surprise Package
Truffles and Mushrooms
Veggies and Nuts