About Us

We bring gourmet Spanish food to your doorstep 

The Secret Spanish Corner is the leading online import hub for gourmet Spanish products and ingredients in Australia. For over a year, we have brought our love of Spanish cuisine right to people’s doorsteps. 

We’re a family-owned business 

Founder of The Secret Spanish Corner, Guillermo, has been surrounded by food throughout his entire life. Growing up in Madrid, his Father owned a restaurant along the busy streets, and his Grandfather ran a shop selling classic Spanish produce. Being involved in the food industry, Guillermo’s family inspired him to make premium, Spanish ingredients more accessible to Australians. With plans to expand his business, Guillermo hopes to branch out his imports worldwide in the future. 

We bring Madrid’s proud food history to Australia! 

Guillermo’s home city of Madrid is a food paradise! Having been exposed to the culinary scene of the Spanish capital from such a young age, The Secret Spanish Corner draws on these rich food traditions to bring authentic Spanish foods to Sydney. 

Speaking of traditions, did you know that Madrid is home to the world’s oldest restaurant? That's right, El Sobrino de Botín has been in operation since 1975. 

With Guillermo’s fire being stoked by such monumental food traditions, this kind of passion, legacy, and integrity is the backbone of The Secret Spanish Corner’s ethos. When you order with The Secret Spanish Corner, not only do you get top quality Spanish ingredients, but you also get a little slice of Spain’s proud food history.

We source premium Spanish products and ingredients for everyone to enjoy

Sourcing authentic, gourmet, and organic products from local Spanish sourcers, we take pride in our ability to ensure that our customers can access our high-quality Spanish ingredients. From families, to home cooks, to chefs - our products are for everyone to enjoy! 

Order from us today! 

If you’re looking for gourmet, premium-quality, and rare ingredients - The Secret Spanish Corner has got you covered. With fast delivery, we can get our products to your door, so you can enjoy Spanish cuisine with ease.