Barbadillo - Pedro Ximenez vinegar 250 ml

Barbadillo - Pedro Ximenez vinegar 250 ml

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Vinegar produced by means of the spontaneous (or natural) acetification of Manzanilla that has been aged for years in our Sanlucar de Barrameda wineries using the traditional Soleras and Criaderas method.

Thanks to its long ageing process and the remarkable quality of the wines that have been used to produce this vinegar, it boasts a rich and ample aromatic range and a harmonious and intense bouquet.

Slightly sweet as a result of its ageing with Pedro Ximenez wine. It is the sweetest of our vinegars, however, despite its sweetness, its elegant acidity still comes through. It goes particularly well with sweet and sour dishes and it can be used in more robust dishes. It is perfect for caramelizing onions.

Thanks to its organoleptic characteristics, the Pedro Ximenez Reserve Vinegar pairs especially well with meat dishes, cheese-based salads, reductions and desserts.