The Iberians - Fuet Longaniza 150gr
The Iberians

The Iberians - Fuet Longaniza 150gr

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The Iberians is a producer of Spanish quality smallgoods based on WA.

Following the traditional recipes for the different style of smallgoods:

Chorizo, salchichon, fuet, lomo embuchado (pork loin).

You can not lose the opportunity to have in your pantry a top class smallgoods products.

You can eat for breakfast, before lunch, lunch, after lunch, before dinner, dinner..; omg it is so yummy and addictive that you wouldn't stop.

Fuets are dry sausages or the family of matured or cured, typical of Catalonia The subtle aniseed taste from the fennel is a match made in heaven. A tasting theme: tapas, charcutarie board or with a crusty baguette and for the Catalan it is an essential afternoon snack. Cured for 5 weeks. 70% lean 30% fat( shoulder+cheek+jowl). The photo is Please note the image isnt representative of the way the product is sold. Packed as a 150g stick.

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