La Legua - Nora paste 115 gr/650 gr
La Legua

La Legua - Nora paste 115 gr/650 gr

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This Nora Pepper Paste is made with the flesh of guindilla peppers previously air-dried and hydrated.

Ñora Peppers are small round peppers originated the Americas that were brought back to Europe by Spanish conquistadores. Mild and gently fruity, when dried, ñora peppers are the basis of much of the paprika produced in Spain. They give a rich earthy flavour to soups and casseroles. To preserve them they are hand strung then air-dried.

Ñora paste is an essential ingredient for many fish and rice dishes and stews. It is also the base for romesco sauce. Because of its texture and intense flavour, it can also be used for a pasta sauce, as a base for pizza toppings or to fill empanadas.