Las Hermanas - Smoked sweet paprika 70gr
Las Hermanas

Las Hermanas - Smoked sweet paprika 70gr

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Las Hermanas brand—is a women-run company, founded by Salvador López in 1940, continued by his three sons, and now by two granddaughters (and succession is already set for the great-grandaughters!). After 16 years in the company, now-General Manager Alicia López Sánchez has started to expand the perception of Pimentón de La Vera as a local ingredient commonly associated only with paella to that of a world-class food-friendly spice.

Hermanas smoked sweet paprika is deep red in hue, smoke flavour from the dried process using oak wood mixing with a sweet flavour. Put a new touch to your dishes.

Where to use it?:

Stews, pastas, on your fried chips, on your fried eggs, mixing into your hummus, in your paellas!!!