Supremo - Organic EVOO, Arbosana variety. 500ml

Supremo - Organic EVOO, Arbosana variety. 500ml

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Arbosana Supremo oil is a premium extra virgin from early harvest in October, green fruity of medium intensity. Balanced and harmonic.

Arbosana monovarietal. Maximum acidity of 0.13º

Oil with the aroma of green olives, with a balanced profile with many intense connotations and great complexity.

It has a medium fruity intensity, fruity aromas such as Green Apple, green banana or grass and even aromatic herbs stand out as soon as we approach the oil.

In the mouth it has a sweet entry confirming what we have tasted on the nose, with a pleasant but intense bitter and spicy. In its clean entrance we find fruit porridge with a green touch (apple, banana), alloza and other less common ones such as citrus tones.

Very harmonic, elegant and surprising.

Its use is recommended raw, whether it is applied to cold, warm or hot foods, such as: salads, bread and oil, carpaccios, vegetables, fish or meats steamed, grilled or in the oven, but always afterwards, so that the crude oil in contact with hot food releases all its phenolic compounds (causing the aroma), and allows us to enjoy the oil as one more food in the configuration of the dish.