Supremo - Organic EVOO, Cornezuelo variety. 500ml

Supremo - Organic EVOO, Cornezuelo variety. 500ml

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Monovarietal Cornezuelo. Maximum acidity of 0.13º

This variety has always been used as a table olive, since it is more difficult to extract and mill than other varieties, until some producers in Jaén began to produce oil a few years ago, resulting in oils with excellent organoleptic qualities, such as a marked fruitiness, freshness, and itching in the mouth.

Intense green fruitiness, great complexity and cleanliness with shades of green grass and fruit, with green apple, green banana, artichoke and almond standing out in the foreground. As secondary aromas, citrus tones are shown that are reminiscent of lemon leaves.

Its flavor is very elegant and complex with a clean and pleasant entry into the mouth, reminding us of the same olfactory perceptions although highlighting above all the astringency of the artichoke typical of Ergot.

Very light in bitterness with a chili spiciness more typical of varieties such as the Hojiblanca that shows up later.

Complex, exuberant and surprising.