Tartana Bomba rice 1kg

Tartana Bomba rice 1kg

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ARTANA RICE is born in Valencia, it is a gourmet product proceeding from the vicinity of the
Albufera Lake. Tartana rice is cultivated by the 5th generation of the saga’s “Gorets” in the
“Farm L’Estell”, familywith rice tradition for over one hundredyears

Bomba rice is the oldest known variety in Valencia, it is very valued by chefs and foodies, it perfectly resists cooking, and is loose and dry in the mouth.

Bomba rice is a short-grained variety of rice, grown in eastern Spain. It is one of the most sought-after rice varieties for paella because of its superior quality and absorption properties. The rice grains are highly absorbent, taking in up to three times its dry weight – which makes beautiful creamy, loose-textured risotto. Meanwhile, Bomba rice retains its shape very well during cooking and does not fall apart.

You can watch a video of the company Tartana to discover their different type of rices: