3 Reasons Why Jamon Serrano Is A Must Have Ingredient In Your Pantry

Spain is revered for many things, the weather, music, sport, dance, but unarguably more important than all these categories is the country’s food scene. It is impossible to experience the country without encountering mouth watering dishes, and the salty delicacies found in Spanish deli’s are no exception. Without the plane ticket, gourmet food shop The Secret Spanish Corner can deliver a taste of the sun-soaked country right to your doorstep! 

Jamon Serrano is one such prized deli item, being one of the country’s most recognisable foods. Here are some reasons it is a must have item in your pantry! 

Cultural Significance - Wow Your Guests With Some History!

The rich history of Jamon Serrano and its importance within Spanish cuisine is enough to want to include it in your pantry rotation. The delicious item’s name “serrano” is derived from the Spanish word sierra, meaning mountain range. This refers back to the traditional mountain locations which had the perfect warm, dry summers, and moist, cold winters for jamon serrano aging.

Spanish word Sierra means mountain range which is perfect for making jamon serrano

Today, to allow jamon serrano to be enjoyed by all, higher hygiene and quality standards have led to the replacement of traditional methods. Though, technology allows the exact replication of the mountain climate, without the risk of bad weather and contamination. Not a bad trade off! 

Salty Deliciousness!

Two main elements make Jamon Serrano one of the tastiest products coming out of Spain. 

Firstly, the breed of pig used in Jamon Serrano contributes strongly to the final product and its quality. At The Secret Spanish Corner, we only provide products from the most exclusive pig breed in the world, the Iberico pig. The product of this breed is considered so far superior than other breeds, that it is given its own name, Jamon Iberico. The Iberico pig is black in colour, and is so deeply rooted in Spanish history that documentation of the breed can be found in Spanish cave art. This breed’s extra fattiness allows longer curing time, and thus a deeper flavour. 

Secondly, the process of progressive salting and dry curing brings out complex flavours in the meat. This process is done very diligently, and if done correctly, the product is given a unique seal to indicate it is authentic!

YouTube video on Iberico Ham process

Easy Preparation 

Thankfully, once the long process of curing is completed, jamon serrano is ready to eat, meaning you can tuck in right away! 

When larger quantities are required, like in a restaurant setting, jamon serrano is often bought by the leg, and sliced onsite as needed.

Though, for your home pantry, the delicious cured meat is typically bought and eaten in a pre-sliced form, making it a very practical yet fancy last-minute dish! Serve it on its own, or pair it with seasonal melons to create a traditional and flavourful spanish tapa, melon con jamon serrano (melon with Serrano ham)!

Thanks to the Secret Spanish Corner, getting your hands on top quality Jamon Serrano is not as difficult as it has to be! Visit our website to add it to your pantry today

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