5 Ways To Use Spanish Chorizo To Spice Up Your Next Meal

For a versatile and delicious addition to any meal, look no further than the Spanish deli essential, chorizo!  Spanish chorizo, also known as salchichon, is a dried, smoked and cured sausage that packs a real punch. Let us, the ingredient experts at Secret Spanish Corner, show you how essential this ingredient really is with five ways it can enhance your next dinner party!

What Makes Spanish Chorizo So Delicious?

There are three essential elements to the unarguable deliciousness of the spanish chorizo: pork, paprika, and smokiness. 

The pork is coarsely chopped, providing a fatty and meaty taste which is universally enjoyed by many cultures. 

The chorizo meat then gets its iconic red colour from the addition of copious amounts of paprika. Depending on the paprika type, you can get either a sweet or spicy tasting chorizo, so choose according to your personal preference! 

Finally, the paprika, as well as the curing process, also gives the Spanish chorizo a potent smokey flavour that adds significant dimension to its flavour profile. 

The final product is a hard sausage that can be enjoyed on its own without being cooked, or added to various dishes to bolster their deliciousness. Here are a few ways the Spanish ingredient enthusiasts at Secret Spanish Corner recommend you use Spanish chorizo! 

Add Flavour To Your Cheese Board

For a quick, tasty, and impressive dish that never misses, add Spanish chorizo to your cheese board arrangement! Just slice the already cured sausage into circles, and fold them into semi circles if you're feeling fancy. To make your board even more authentic, pair it with Spanish olives, manchego cheese, and spiced marcona almonds

Spanish Chorizo For Breakfast 

To add some fun into your morning meal, why not try this mouth-watering ingredient? Pair Spanish chorizo with eggs, however you may like them, to add some sweetness or spiciness to an otherwise basic meal. Whether you like your eggs fried, baked, or scrambled, this paprika spiced sausage is certain to elevate your dish, and hopefully your day! 

A Healthy And Delicious Salad  

Spanish chorizo packs such a flavourful punch that it will even liven up a dreaded salad. Not only can this ingredient add a taste factor, but the cured meat will also make the meal heartier, keeping you full for longer. Cut and toss the Spanish Chorizo in a pan to boost the flavours and bring out the fattiness to compliment the lightness of the salad greens.

Balance Spanish Chorizo With Citrus

The spiciness, sweetness and fattiness of this cured meat can be offset by adding a host of different citruses, thereby creating a more balanced flavour profile. This balance is even more important when Spanish chorizo is fried, making it more potent in flavour and fattiness. Add lemon zest for a more savoury fried snack, or compliment spicy salchichon with grapefruit to satisfy your sweet side!

Add Heart and Heat To Your Stew

Enhance your winter staple by adding Spanish chorizo to your next stew or soup. To warm yourself up on chilly days, simply chop up the salchichon and add it to the bubbling pot! For an even more authentic Spanish dish, add corn, peppers and potatoes. We assure you the cured sausage will add a depth of flavour that you will never forget!

If reading this has left your mouth watering, head to the Secret Spanish Corner to make your heart’s desire come true in your very own kitchen. Contact the Spanish ingredient experts for any queries you have about Spanish chorizo or otherwise today! 

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