Top 3 Spanish Ingredients To Spice Up Your Cooking

Authentic Spanish ingredients are rare to find in Australia and they introduce a whole new world into the kitchen. Spain is known for the high quality of curated meats and paprika spiced foods. Let us, the Spanish food specialists at the Secret Spanish Corner, show you how amazing your meals can turn into with these 3 ingredients for your next dinner party or when you just want to treat yourself! 

Spanish Chorizo

The great thing about chorizo is that you can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and make a fabulous and nutritious meal. Chorizo is a curated dried sausage with paprika, ranging from non-spicy to very hot. You can eat it raw as it is or cooking with your favourite meals Some of our favourites include ideas:

Egg And Chorizo Breakfast

Need a change from the usual egg and bacon breakfast? We’ve got you!

Add some chorizo slices to your scramble eggs or fried or boiled. The Spanish sausage is a great spicy replacement for the more boring and greasy bacon. 

Charcuterie Board

Forget about the supermarket salami. Chorizo will surprise and impress your guests more on your charcuterie board. Pair it with some fluffy all grain or white bread from your nearest bakery, cheese and some dried fruits and fresh fruits.

Soul Warming Stews

The rich and sweet-paprika flavours of the chorizo make that homemade stew feel more grounded and warm. The chorizo gies stews lots of great flavour whilst maintaining its shape without falling apart. You can add it to your gramma’s stew recipe or try one of the many incredible Spanish Caldo Gallego stew! 

For more ideas with chorizo, let the experts at The Secret Spanish Corner indulge you with different and unique ways to spice up your chorizo


The famous Spanish ham is smoked and curated any time from five months to five years and more. Jamon is very rarely cooked, its strong rich flavour is best enjoyed in simplicity. However, there are still authentic Spanish recipes that cook it!


Croquetas de Jamon Serrano are a great and easy spanish recipe (maybe a little time consuming) but well worth it. They’re creamy, crunchy and exploding with flavour and will leave you wanting more no matter how many you make. They are great to put in the middle of the table as an entree for lunch or for a nice small lunch.

Melon With Ham

Now this might sound weird at first but trust us here and give it a go. The sweet fresh taste of the Piel de Sapo melon (Toad skin/honeydew Melon - typical of Spain) contrasts the strong smoky flavour of the spanish ham. It's a tasty tapa or snack.



Cantabrian anchovies are not what you find in your typical supermarket. They have a mix of salt, oil and fish flavours that’s perfectly balanced into the perfect addition to salads, pizza or just simply on toast with a high quality olive oil. Here’s some ideas:

Bread and Anchovies Tapa

Whole wheat rye bread, mayonnaise or cream cheese spread, Dijon mustard, Cantabrian anchovies, batavia lettuce, red onion, boiled eggs, black pepper and fresh dill. Cut, assemble and eat! Simple entree or snack to include the air of the Spanish Cantabrian seas into your table and impress your guests.

Pasta With Anchovies and Olives

The perfect saltiness of the anchovies matches perfectly with a slightly spicy tomato sauce that will fill your mouth with an explosion of flavours. This pasta is great with spaghetti but also made with short pasta. The spanish anchovies, tomato and chilli add many layers of exceptional flavours that will bring Spain to you.

Spanish ingredients are not very commonly used in Australia but add many different contrasting layers of flavours to your cooking that will amaze your taste buds. You can find the authentic ingredients here. They even do food delivery with plenty of Spanish groceries to choose from.

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